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Basketball Training

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Tunnel Vision Basketball Training: 


  • Defense: 

Defense is key. If you can play Defense you can play or make any team. Knowing the art of defense, studying your opponent, knowing their strengths and weakness. 

  • Shooting 

We teach athletes how to become better shooters with repetition and perfect techniques. 

  • Ball Handling

High intensity ball handling drills, with lots of reps to help decrease turnovers, allowing athletes to learn how to absorb pressure, while increasing their confidence. 

  • Passing 

Overlooked, but very essential. We’ll spend time on teaching you how to make simple passing, increasing passing angles, passing out of double teams, etc. more complex passing comes with growth, in most cases are unnecessary, but we will touch on those once our athletes get the basics. 

  • Competitive Training

This setting will give our athletes a chance to showcase what they learn in a game setting (pickup). (1v1, 2v2 & 3v3)


  • Private Training

One on One: $50 per session 

Weekly: $100 for 3 sessions 

Weekly $175 for 5 sessions 

Monthly Option:

- 3 Sessions per week


        Pair (2) Training

Up to 2 participants $42.50 per client

Monthly Option Coming Soon


          Group Training 

Up to 4 participants $30 per client 

Up to 6 participants $25 per client 

Up to 8 participants $20 per client 

Monthly Option Coming Soon


All weekly sessions include full game works. ball handling, agility, defense, IQ, history of the game, knowing your role, etc. 



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